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Our First Store (Santa Fe Springs 1991)

Superseding above competition, American Tire Depot is, with no doubt, emerging steadfast, rising above competition, with nearly 80 stores sprinkled all throughout Southern California. Tracing back American Tire Depotís modest origin in Santa Fe Springs back in 1991, the company now has outperformed even the stiffest of competitions including national chains. American Tire Depot is a family owned, and thus making it family-oriented. No other companies can beat the reasonable prices and exceptional services offered by American Tire Depot to its Valued Customers and loyal Patrons. Through the years, American Tire Depot quickly planted its roots in the mainstream of the tire industry, overlaying its vast stride throughout Southern California. Well established relationships with tire manufacturers, namely: Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich and the likes, American Tire Depot flourishes as one of the most reliable and trust-worthy car tires dealer and wheels distributor to date.

Updated with the most current and valid information regarding top of the line products, American Tire Depot offers unparalleled and highest value tire prices that cannot re rivaled by any other given tire dealerships. Proud of what has become, American Tire Depot is equipped with the latest top of the line computer tools and systems that allows splendid customer service. With brilliance inclined, American Tire Depotís Technicians and Mechanics, alike, are fortified with skills beyond comparison due to constant upgrades of hands-on trainings which allow productivity and proficiency Ė all together.

Committed to serve and accommodate Valued Customers, American Tire Depotís chain is armed with knowledgeable mechanics and technicians that are trunked with the solid foundation this business is built on. Faith, Excellence and Service, the core foundation of American Tire Depotís success continually grows as competition fairs with meek existence. Expect nothing less than: Stability, Reliability and People-Friendly from American Tire Depotís Personnel. WE promise to be continually committed to the life-blood of the business- Our Valued Customers.

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