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Federal Tires

was founded in Taiwan in 1954 and boasts of a strong overseas distribution network throughout 70+ countries. The company have strengthened their technical capabilities through Bridgestone Corporation and Dunlop Tires’ support in their earlier years. Federal is currently enjoying explosive growth, constantly improving their full range of high quality tires.

Federal 595 Ultra High Performance Series Tires

are developed with compounds specially formulated for wet and dry conditions. Federal proudly offers a complete line of UHP tires created to outrival in a wide range of competition events.

Federal High Performance All Season Tires

offers the best combination of quiet ride, handling, wet traction and long mileage, making them a great high performance value.

Federal All-Season quality Passenger Car Tires

offers a quiet, comfortable ride with superior handling and control. This line is engineered with today’s leading touring coupes and sedans in mind.

Federal SUV and light Truck Tires

(Couragia Adventure series) features a sporty tread pattern with optimum levels of treadwear and grip. This tire line combines performance and style to fit your SUV and light truck’s needs.

Himalaya Federal Winter Tires

features a performance oriented winter tread compound that delivers excellent traction and grip on snow and ice.
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