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Achilles Radial Tires

was established in Indonesia in 1991. The company brought on Pirelli Tires and Continental Tires to provide technical assistance to further enhance their production technology. The company has since established a brand presence in the United States by offering reliable, quality products, with excellent follow-up service.

Achilles Passenger Tires

offers good wet and dry handling, solid performance, stability and good fuel economy. These tires come in directional and non-directional tread patterns.

Achilles Performance Tires

tires are made with a silica tread compound for good wet and dry traction and ensuring high performance. These tires come in both directional and asymmetrical options.

Achilles SUV Tires

are optimized for water channeling, offers excellent wet and dry handling with good drip and stability. These tires come in on road and off road options, and are available in HT, AT and UHP.

Achilles Commercial and Light Truck Tires

offers exceptional driving comfort and outstanding grip. These tires come with aggressive tread pattern and uses a specialized formulated compound to maximize on road and off road performance and mileage.

Achilles Winter Tires

features a unique center rib design for better handling in wet conditions. These tires are made of a softer compound for better performance in lower temperatures and employs an interlocking sipe design that provide maximum traction in slippery and icy roads.
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