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Delinte Tires

are specialty tires created for lower profile applications. From 16-inch diameter wheels to super-sized 28-inchers, Delintes focus on meeting and exceeding the high strength and flexibility requirements of large, low-sidewall tires. Delinte is on the forefront of European technological advances in tire construction that give stiff rubber compounds the ability to provide a superior ride.

American Tire Depot

carries the Delinte D8 line, an all season performance crossover and sport utility tire. This line offers improved handling and a unique hydroplane resistant tread design. Buy Delinte Tires now from an American Tire Depot location near you. Beat the lines by scheduling an appointment online after selecting your tires from our large discount tire portfolio.

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All our tires come with FREE flat tire repair, lifetime rotation, brake inspection, alignment checks, rebalancing and 24 point safety inspection.

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