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Shocks and Struts

The primary purpose of a shock or strut is to keep the tire rolling flat on the ground when driving down the road. They are designed to provide stability in your vehicle suspension system. They play a vital role when it comes to vehicle performance, handling, braking, and wheel alignment. It is recommended that shocks and struts should be replaced every 50,000 miles.

Have you ever had an oversized truck pass you and your vehicle sways from side to side? This is a sign of worn or weak shocks and struts. Weak, worn, or bad shocks and struts can cause very poor vehicle handling issues and ride comfort problems. This is because worn shocks and struts have lost the internal pressure and ability to keep applied pressure downward. This can cause excessive bounce and roll when hitting bumps or potholes, which can also lead to premature tire wear. 

Worn, weak, or bad shocks and struts can also affect your vehicle stopping distance by up to 10 feet. Furthermore, they place excessive pressure on additional suspension components such as your upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends, and bushings.

Good Shocks and struts keep applied downward pressure to keep the tire in firm constant contact with the road at all times. They can: contribute to a smoother driving experience, help decrease drive and squat during hard braking situations, and reduce the force of forward gravity when braking under a panicked situation (helps avoid accidents!).

Not sure what condition the shocks and struts on your vehicle are? American Tire Depot certified technicians are trained to complete a free vehicle suspension inspection. Book an appointment online or call an American Tire Depot near you to get your free shock and strut inspection today!

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